Sunday, December 9, 2012

Our Seventh Meeting

Premeeting: Journal: If you could change one thing in the world what would you change? Draw it.


Circle: Share Journals. Read Sunny’s Story


Activity: Make a mural based on the story

Game: Poison Apples or Snowballs - Roll up newspaper into balls and wrap in duct or packaging tape to keep into "balls". You could also make "sock balls". Divide area into 2 teams/2 sides. Set a timer and teams throw "balls" across at other team. When timer goes off, team w/ fewest SNOWBALLS on their side of the divided room wins.

Closing: Secret Agent Task: Think of 3 Nice Things You Could Do. Do one before next meeting.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Our Sixth Meeting: November

Premeeting: Journal 5 things I’m thankful for


Circle: Share Journal Things and add one to ThanksgivingTree


Activity: What’s in the Bag? << Describe what characteristics were without looking

Game: Buildingeach other up! - Each table has a bag of a few things: marshmallows, stick of gum, straws, index cards, paper clips, etc.  Each table has 5 minutes to see who could build the tallest structure without it falling, using only the on the table.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Our Fifth Meeting: October

Premeeting: Journal Question


Circle: Share Secret Agent Fairness Task. Read JulietteGordon Low story


Activity: Make I Am Collages in journal

Game: Handshake Game—teach GS Handshake


Monday, October 22, 2012

Our Fourth Meeting: October

We had such a great meeting this week! The girls were really excited to earn their very first petal, and everything went according to plan -- I love it when that happens! Here's what we did:

Premeeting: The girls wrote in their journals about their favorite ice cream flavors.


Song: Our choices were either the Daisy Girl Scout Song or "I'm a Little Daisy." We sang the second, and while it wasn't their favorite song ever, I like that they learned a song specific to Scouting.

Circle: We shared our journal entries, and then we read the Lupe story in the Daisy Scout Handbook and answered the questions at the end. I also told the girls the three steps we needed to do to earn our Lupe (Honest & Fair) petal.

Snack: We had a lot of choices for snack, yum! To earn our Honest and Fair petal, we had a whole bag of Goldfish that the girls had to decide how to divide up fairly. They didn't like my suggestion that myself and my coleader got to eat them all! :) In the end, they decided that each girl should get 6 Goldfish. Yay!

Activity: This is the only thing that didn't go entirely to plan. I would suggest doing this with older girls. I'm not sure if our leaves weren't pressed long enough or what, but they did not want to stick to the mason jars! The leaf lanterns did turn out pretty cute (we added flameless tealights inside), but I'm not sure how long the leaves stayed stuck on. Ah well, the girls really liked doing it and thought they were "beautiful!"

Game: We played the Right/Left game. Basically, you sit in chairs in a circle and every time you hear the word "left" or "right," you move one seat in that direction. They loved this game -- I'm glad I printed off extra stories so we could play several rounds!

Closing: I put Secret Missions for Operation Lupe in the girls' mailboxes, and so I explained what they were all about in our closing circle. Basically, the girls were challenged to practice being honest and fair in two different ways before our next meeting. I hope they are excited about being secret agents!

What has your best meeting ever been? Leave a message in the comments below!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Our Third Meeting: October

Leaders, I just want to take a minute to say thank you. I think it's easy for people -- including ourselves -- to forget how much work goes in to being a Girl Scout leader. There's the meeting planning, paperwork, money handling, setting up for Fall Sale and Cookie Sale, planning field trips ... the list goes on and on. So when you have a bad meeting, don't worry. You're making a difference in these girls' lives, and they won't remember one meeting where things weren't perfectly planned and you were freaking out. They're learning life skills, and having lots of fun doing it. Give yourselves a pat on the back. Go ahead, I'll wait.


Done? Awesome. Now, on to our third meeting, which, as you may have guessed, didn't go completely according to plan.

Pre-Meeting: We had the girls do the worksheets to earn their Money Counts badge, while we went around and helped them out. Fall Sale is a perfect time to think about earning one of your Financial Literacy Leaves! They're totally age-appropriate, too, so don't worry about it going over the girls' heads. We also decorated the front of our journals.

Opening: We played a name game, where you stand in a circle and say your name and something you like to do, then do an action related to that thing. Everyone repeats the action and says your name three times fast. Go around the circle. I like this game because it's quick and easy, and it gets everyone introduced and back to business. We also said our Promise, Law, and Pledge. The girls were given these freaking adorable Promise and Law Daisy bookmarks that I had laminated. This way they each get their own!

Song: Our options were either "The Button Song" or "Boom Chicka Boom". Our Song Chooser picked the latter, and they really liked it. Especially when we did "loud style," haha!

Circle: For our circle, we shared the worksheets we did in Pre-Meeting. We also talked about budgeting, and how much each girl would need to earn if we wanted to spend $100 on our Birthday in a Box field trip. One of our girls was amazing at the math!


Activity: Originally, we were going to do more budgeting stuff, but it wasn't very interesting to the girls, and I completely forgot my store handouts, so we made All About Me worksheets to put in our Time Capsule. They're pretty excited about that Time Capsule!

Game: We were going to do What's That Smell (where you put something in a paper bag and they have to guess what it is by its smell), but once again I forgot to bring things. My poor coleader, who did remember everything for this meeting! Instead, we played Fruit Basket: We sat in our chairs in a circle. Each girl was assigned a fruit (apple, orange or banana). When their fruit was called, they had to find a new chair. If I called "Fruit Basket" everyone had to find a new chair. I like this game because there are no winners and losers and nobody is left out. Just fun for everyone!

Closing: Our new girls received their Daisy Pins and welcome certificates, as well as their Daisy Circle. Everyone got their Money Counts leaf -- woohoo! We did Fists of Five -- not as good as other meetings, but not terrible. When we did the Friendship Squeeze, the girls had to say something they liked about the meeting.

Leaders, what do you do when things just don't work out like you had planned?

Monday, October 1, 2012

September Field Trip: Cancelled!

We were supposed to have our first field trip yesterday to go apple-picking. Unfortunately, it was raining cats and dogs all morning, so we ended up cancelling at the last minute. Darn!

Have you taken a field trip with your Girl Scouts? How did it go?

Monday, September 24, 2012

Our Second Meeting

Our second meeting went swimmingly! We had a couple more girls join -- woohoo! Here's what we did:

Pre-Meeting: As the girls came in, new girls made their foam flowerpot nametags, and everyone made heart maps.

Opening: The girls learned the Girl Scout Promise and Law, and we also said the pledge.

Song: This week's choices were "Pink Pajamas" or "G for Generosity". The girls chose "Pink Pajamas"!
Circle: In our circle, we reviewed some of the basic rules of Girl Scout meetings -- the quiet sign, bathroom buddies, and so on. We also introduced our kaper chart and talked about what all the jobs were. The girls shared their heart maps -- although one girl didn't want to share hers, and I'm not sure why. We encouraged her to share, but didn't force it. Any ideas on how to deal with this?

We also brainstormed ideas for our bucket list. This is a really great way to make Girl Scouting Girl Led, especially for this age group. The girls came up with some great ideas, like ice-skating, baking, selling cookies, and more! We're really looking forward to crossing items off this list.

Snack: Snickerdoodles and veggies and dip. Yum!

Activity: For our activity, we made I Spy bottles. We split the girls up into two groups, and we used colored fish gravel for the filler to hide the trinkets inside. After we made the bottles, we switched with someone in the other group. The girls LOVED this activity -- making the bottles, thinking of things to put in for their partner in the other group, giving each other the bottles and getting a bottle in exchange. This is definitely one to remember for next year!

Game: By popular demand, we played "Tiger, Cowgirl, Princess" again. We also played "Daisy to Daisy." Lots of giggles!

Closing: The girls received their Daisy Center. Woohoo! The new girls also got their Daisy pins and a welcome certificate. Can I just say, putting duct tape on ziplock bags so I could put them in my binder, with one for each girl, was the best idea ever? Now I'll never forget which girl got which patch!

Sorry there are no pictures again this week ... I'll try to have some next time! Check out pictures of this meeting and the nametags from our first meeting. Aren't they adorable? Please leave me a message below -- I am happy to answer any questions and I'd love to see what others are doing with their troops.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Getting Organized, Parent Helpers, and Our First Meeting

Welcome back, fellow troop leaders! I hope you all have had a fun and productive summer! I'm excited to be back and to share our troop's activities with you to hopefully make planning your year of Daisy Girl Scouts a little bit easier. This year, my coleader and I decided not to do a Girl Scout Journey and to instead focus on earning all of our Daisy petals. Be sure to leave a comment letting us know what you're doing with your troop!

For some background, our troop meets every other week for an hour and a half. Every meeting follows the same basic schedule: a Pre-Meeting Activity, Opening Ceremony, Song, Friendship Circle, Snack, Activity, Game, and Closing Ceremony. I have found that having following the same schedule every meeting is helpful for two reasons: The girls are much more manageable when they know what will happen next, and it's a lot easier to plan meetings because you know about how long each thing will take and can just find the activities you want to do to fill in the open spots.

This year, we're asking our parents up front to be very involved. Last year, our parents were fantastic and were super helpful, but we want to be a little more organized about it this year. To that end, we are creating committees that need parent participation. Remember, troop leaders: You don't have to do it all yourself! You can have a much more fun and active year if you get parents on your side to take over some of the tasks that need to be done.

This year, our committees include field trip planners, who will help us make calls to the places we want to go, take care of notifying the council, organize permission slips, and get chaperones. The printing & supplies committee will help us pick up last-minute items for the meetings and print out worksheets we need before the next meeting. Meeting helpers are super important! If you can't find an extra parent who can be at every meeting to fulfill the adult-to-girl ratio, see if a few parents are willing to rotate. It's a lot less investment on their part, so it's easier for them to commit. Most importantly for us, we want a committee to help with Fall Sale and Cookies Sale. Those volunteers will help us pick up order forms, take money from parents, put in the orders, and pick up the product. Super important!

Finally, here's what we did for our first meeting. Hope this helps!

Pre-Meeting: As the girls came in, they made nametags with foam flowers, pipe cleaners, and mini flower pots, based on the Daisy flower garden here. I'll try to take pictures next week so you can see how cute they turned out! Check out how adorable they look!

Opening: We said our Promise and Law.
Song: I like to give two choices for song to encourage girl leadership. This week, our options were Swimming, Swimming and Make New Friends. They chose Swimming, Swimming song.
Circle: To earn our Daisy Center patch, we talked about what it means to make a promise, and what that means when we say our Girl Scout Promise. I also introduced the Daisy Mailbox we'll be using this year. Such a great idea for all the papers that fly back and forth!
Snack: For snack we had cheese and crackers and grapes. Yum yum!
Activity: We decorated our Time Capsule with pictures from magazines. Next week, we'll add things about ourselves!
Game: We played The Wind Blows, always a favorite, as well as Tiger Cowgirl Princess.
Closing: We did fists of five, a really great way to get quick feedback from your girls about what they did at the meeting. Ask your girls questions about the meeting, having them respond with a vote from zero to five fingers. We also did the friendship squeeze.

What did you do during your first meeting? Leave a message below!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Ideas to Tie In to "3 Cheers for Animals" -- Part V

Summer's almost over, and it's time for the last installment of my list of ideas to incorporate into the "5 Flowers, 4 Stories, 3 Cheers for Animals" Daisy Journey! Today I'll be listing some ideas to use for Mari's Story, "Rumbles and Roars," which talks about her trip to Africa, where she saw a baby elephant and parrots!


I hope you've enjoyed my posts about the "3 Cheers for Animals" Daisy Journey! If you have any ideas about things to do to go along with this Journey, please leave a message below! And be sure to come back to read about our meetings this year. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Ideas to Tie In to "3 Cheers for Animals" -- Part IV

I've been listing ideas for activities to go along with the "3 Cheers for Animals" Journey book. This week, I'm going to list some ideas to go along with Gloria's story, "Dancing Through Japan." Our girls really enjoyed the Japanese yoga activity from the book, so I'd definitely recommend trying that out!

In this story, Gloria tells her flower friends about Japan without saying a word. She acts like a fish, a butterfly, a turtle, a crane, and a panda bear. She also gives her friends origami presents.

  • Make origami. The book has directions on how to make a crane, but you can also make horses, dogs, and much more. I like the idea of having the girls give each other their creations as a gift, like Gloria does in the story
  • Create a country box about the people, places, animals, food, and culture of Japan
  • Make a fish aquarium from paper plates
  • Gloria was able to tell her story without sound. Have the girls practice their sense of sound with this sound-matching activity

  • Play animal charades
  • Just like Gloria was able to tell her story without talking, have the girls line up in order of height, birthday, or age without talking 

Monday, August 6, 2012

Ideas to Tie In to "3 Cheers for Animals" -- Part III


Hope your summers are going well. Have you started planning your first meetings yet? I'm excited to get started and to use some of the ideas I've found from Pinterest to our meetings. The last two blog posts have listed ideas to incorporate into your meetings when you start the "3 Cheers for Animals" Journey. This week, we're going to take a look to see what we can add to go along with the third story, "Bienvenido a Mexico!"

I should say that many of the activities from the Leader's Guide worked really well in our troop. And the activity pages in the girls' Journey book were awesome for pre-meeting activities and then for sharing during Circle time. But there's always room for more fun activities, so that's what I'm hoping to share with you here. Here goes!

Zinni's story is about her trip to Mexico, where she took care of a horse, had a rooster, found a baby chick, rode a burro, and ate quesadillas. She also spent a lot of time with her colorful family, who she misses when she returns. Here are some corresponding ideas:

  • Make a heart map showing the things that are most dear to you. Be sure to let the girls share their maps with each other!
  • Make a collaborative color wheel from cut-up magazines! I think it would be really cute to make a daisy in the colors of the Daisy petals.
  • Make eyedropper volcanoes in different colors with baking soda and vinegar
  • Use shaving cream painting to make colorful rainbows or animals
  • Make a continent box--or in this case, a country box--where girls can explore the people, places, animals, and culture of Mexico 
  • Make or serve a quesadilla 
  • Eat "horse food"--apples and oats! 

Do you have any additional ideas that would go with Zinni's story? Leave a message below!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Ideas to Tie In to "3 Cheers for Animals" -- Part II

Hello! Last time, I posted a bunch of links for ideas of activities to add to the 3 Cheers for Animals Journey book's first story. This time, we're taking a look at the second story, "The First Stories: A Little Birdie Told Me ..." In this story, the flowers imagine how they got their colors, and they also imagine how the robin got his colors. The leader's guide suggests you have the girls come up with their own story of how something came to be. Here are some ideas that you could incorporate into the meeting where you read this story (be sure to look back at the last post; a lot of the flower activities would work here too!):


  • If you have a microwave handy, have the girls help you make their snacks for the meeting, birds' nests

  • Have the girls make get-to-know-you necklaces. During your closing ceremony, have each girl show off her necklace and explain what their personal story is
  • Make an "I Am" page, whether it's a collage or a painting or something else. This looks like a great self-esteem activity, and the girls should share all the good things about themselves
  • Start a journal that the girls can fill in a little at a time (hello, future Premeeting activities!). This one has poems and is for a Kindergarten class, but I think with a little time you could create a Girl Scout-specific journal where the girls can tell their own stories.
  • Make an adorable baby-bird nest from paper plates and pom poms
  • Make story bags. For a meeting, I'd have each girl bring in two or three items (depending on how many girls you have) and put one in each bag. Then, split up into groups (however many bags you have). Each girl in the group draws out an item one at a time and adds to the story. Once they've created the story, return to your big group and have each small group tell their story to the troop
  • Make a birdfeeder to feed the robin from the story (and all his bird friends). You can make one from a toilet-paper roll, a pine cone, an orange (we made this one in our troop--messy fun!), popsicle sticks, with cookie cutters, and probably a million other things
  • Make a bird's nest. This is a suggested activity from the leader's guide for this Journey. They suggest using paper bags, but you could also use more natural supplies
  • Make a bird's nest necklace. Daisy scouts might need a lot of help with this one, but they are just so cute I had to include them!
  • Make story stones. Use them to create a story at this meeting or at future meetings
  • Make these sweet bird-cage lanterns
Have another idea for "A Little Birdie Told Me ..."? Leave a message below!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Ideas to Tie In to "3 Cheers for Animals" -- Part I

Happy summer! I hope everyone is having a wonderful time and enjoying warm weather! Last summer, I posted ideas on how to plan the first Daisy meetings. This year, since I completed my very first Journey book for Daisys, 3 Cheers for Animals, I wanted to post additional ideas for things to do during your meetings that tie in to the theme.

First of all, I want to say that, while the Journey books have been fairly controversial, I really enjoyed the way 3 Cheers was set up. Our girls really enjoyed listening to the stories; the activity pages in the book worked really well for us as premeeting activities that we could then share in our Circle; and we used a lot of the session activity suggestions during our meetings. That said, I do have a few quibbles: The number of charts the leader's guide suggested we make was crazy! After the first one, the girls were quick to say "BORING!" anytime I tried to set up a new one. Some of the questions posed for the girls didn't really resonate. And some activities just didn't work with my troop. If I have time at the end of the summer, I might go through in detail what worked and what didn't for us.

For now, I just want to share my love for Pinterest and some of the amazing ideas I found there that I wish I had seen when I was planning my meetings!

For example, the first story in the Journey book is about the Daisy Flower Garden, a cat, and a butterfly. After you read the story, it might be fun to incorporate one or more of these crafts into your meeting:

  • These butterfly coloring pages and color-by-number pages would work really well for something the girls can do as they come in
  • These flowers made from cupcake liners and popsicle sticks would be as easy or as complex as you choose, depending on how many materials you use. You can also paint them, like they did here
  • I love this free printable Daisy flower bookmark. If you're introducing the Journey books, this is a wonderful gift to give the girls to get them excited about keeping their places!
  • I really love collaborative projects! If your girls are just getting to know each other, this fingerprint flower garden is a great idea. Each girl could start her garden with her fingerprint, then go around to each other's papers and add a flower.
  • These straw-printed dandelions are a quick and easy art project
  • This bottle-printed flower garden looks like an amazing collaborative garden. Each girl could add a different-colored flower
  • These hand-print flowers are adorable
  • Use cookie cutters to make flower stamps
  • A butterfly made from a spoon and paper plate. (The pin links back to a Greek site, but you should be able to get the idea of how to make it from the picture.)
  • These plantable greeting cards would be fun if you're starting your Journey in the spring or early fall
  • Making flowers from recycled water bottles would be a great way to also incorporate the "Using Resources Wisely" petal
  • This cute flower egg-carton centerpiece would be great to use at your investiture ceremony. Each girl could create her own, or you could put the girls in small groups to collaborate. This one seems especially good if you have lots of Kindergarten-age girls in your troop
  • Another petal you could work in is the "Responsible for What I Say and Do" petal. Have the girls make these handprint flower totes, which they'll use to carry their Journey books back and forth to meetings
  • A collaborative troop flower garden centerpiece made from bamboo skewers and green pipe cleaners can be used at the investiture ceremony and again at bridging! (You could also use it as a substitute for name tags. Each box might have six girls, and you could rearrange the names in each box for each meeting. This way, the girls can choose where to sit at a designated table!)
  • You can make cat masks with the girls
  • These math daisies are a great way to add STEM subjects to your meeting
  • This simple giant sunflower craft uses paper bags, black rice, and paint
  • Make flowers from paint chips
  • Use construction paper to make a big collaborative flower mural
  • If you're introducing the Journeys, make these paint-chip bookmarks so the girls can keep their places in their Journey books
Do you have more ideas that would fit in here? Leave a message below! Do you have a Girl Scouts Pinterest board?  Leave the link here!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Final Ceremony

We had our final ceremony in June. Our sister Brownie troop had their ceremony at the same time, so it was really fun to get all the girls together. We had a potluck, which is always a good idea. As the girls came in, I had them put up decorations. We made a "bridge" out of chairs, crepe paper, and rainbow paper fans. They also taped up their animal mural they had been creating all year, plus other things we had done--cookie sales goal chart, the chart we made for the "3 Cheers for Animals" Journey and more. They really enjoyed participating in the event!

We also created a "photo booth." Basically, the girls cut crepe paper and taped it up to the wall. They LOVED doing this--and it kept them busy until we were ready to start! You can kind of see it in the background of the photo above.

Our ceremony was pretty simple. The girls all received their one-year membership pin, their Tula Award from the Journey, and a certificate. The girls who were bridging up crossed our bridge, and the Brownie leaders gave them their rainbow patch! My coleader had gone to the 100th Anniversary celebration in Washington, D.C., so she had swaps to give each girl as well--it was such a great idea and the girls were very excited about it!

Thanks to all the parents who helped out this year; I couldn't have asked for anything better! I'm looking forward to the summer off, but I will be posting some ideas for the "3 Cheers for Animals" Journey for leaders who are thinking about doing it next year, so stay tuned!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Meeting 20: June

This was our final regular meeting! We had a great year with Daisy Girl Scouts, and I'm a mix of sad to see the end of the year, excited for next year's plans, and ready to take advantage of a summer off! How did your year go?

Here's what we did at our final meeting:

Premeeting: As the girls came in, they did the final 3 pages of activities in their Journey books. I also had a Daisy Turtle Shell Activity ready for them.

Song: Our 2 choices were "One Bottle of Pop" or "Squirty Orange". We sang the former, which I love!

Circle: In our circle, we read the final story and the closing from our "3 Cheers for Animals" Journey. The girls really enjoyed storytime all year. We didn't have a story at every meeting, which I think made it more interesting and exciting for them when we did read from the books.


Activity: We did the Elephant Walk activity from the Journey book. The girls all held hands in the line and closed their eyes. The girl in the front of the line kept her eyes open and led everyone through a short obstacle course made of chairs. We did this about three times with different leaders (I even led one round!). We definitely bumped into a few chairs, but the leaders did a really good job!

Game: We played Fishy Fishy Cross My Ocean. When a girl got tagged, she had to join the sharks in the ocean. The girls LOVE this game, and I purposefully have not played it at any meetings this year because that's all they would ever want to play! I didn't want to spoil the chance to play other games, but since this was the final meeting I figured it would be a fun way to end the year.

Closing: As we did our Friendship Squeeze, the girls each had to fill in the blank to the sentence "Caring for animals makes me feel ___." By being able to relate how taking care of animals makes them feel, they earned their Tula Award! We'll hand those out at our final ceremony.

What's your favorite memory of your year of Girl Scouts? Leave a message below!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Meeting 19: May

We had a great meeting this week!

Premeeting: As the girls came in, I had them do pages 39 and 48 in their 3 Cheers for Animals Journey book. They also drew a picture of themselves doing the activities on page 39.

Opening: We did our usual pledge, promise, and law. The girls all have both the promise and the law memorized!

Circle: We read Gloria's Story (pages 41-47) from the Journey book. We also split into two teams and created animal riddles. One team said "It is fat and fuzzy and cute and has a pink nose. It sounds like this: 'squeek squeek'. It eats carrots and lettuce and lives in a cage. What am I?" It was a guinea pig! The other team said "It is black and white and furry and fuzzy. It sounds like this: 'chomp chomp'. It eats sticks and green leaves and bamboo. What am I?" It was a panda bear! Each team changed their riddle to the other team together. And both sides were able to guess the riddles!


Activity: For our activity, we did the Japanese yoga from the Journey book. The girls were butterflies, turtles, and cranes!

Game: For our game, we did the Backwards Bingo from the leader's Journey guide book. The girls each had a bingo sheet with 9 animals on it. They had 5 Post It tags, and could pick 5 animals to mark. The It Girl called out animals as she picked them from a cup. When an animal was called, the girls could take their markers off their bingo sheets. The first girl to get all her markers off won! We played 3 rounds. We also tried to do a the Human Knot game. The girls have liked doing this in the past, but it didn't work out this time--people kept saying "ow ow" if hands got twisted, etc. So we scrapped the game, and instead sang a song (which we forgot to do at the beginning!).

Song: Our girls picked "Boom Chicka Boom"! They had a lot of fun choosing the different "styles". Two girls were even brave enough to be the leaders. One did "gymnastics style" and one did "girly-girl style".

Closing: We handed out the girls' Red Robin Awards that they earned last meeting. Yay! We did Fists of Five, and the Friendship Squeeze. We did the same thing with the Squeeze as last meeting, where the girls had to say something nice about the girl next to them as they passed the squeeze around. It was a bit difficult for some girls to think of things (boo), but I think mainly because they didn't know each other super well.

All in all, a successful, fun meeting. yay!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Meeting 18: May

Premeeting: Instead of adding more to our animal mural (the girls seem to be getting tired of that), I had Girl Scout cootie catchers for them to make! They mostly seemed to enjoy making them and getting their fortunes told.

Opening: Our usual pledge, promise, and law.

Song: We had three options, and our song chooser picked a cheer I had taught them a few weeks ago. It goes like this:

Leader: Hey Daisys!
Daisys: Hey What!?
Leader: Hey Daisys!
Daisys: Hey What?
Leader: Show me how to get down!
Daisys: No way!
Leader: Show me how to get down!
 Daisys: OK! D-O-W-N and that's the way we get down. Huh! D-O-W-N and that's the way we get down. (Girls do actions: D/O, stick one arm then the other out in front. W/N, put one hand then the other on hip. "and that's the way we get down", swing arms side to side in front of body while moving down. "Huh," jump and turn to side.)

Leader: Hey Daisys!
Daisys: Hey What!?
Leader: Hey Daisys!
Daisys: Hey What?
Leader: Shake your booty!
Daisys: No way!
Leader: Shake your booty!
Daisys: OK! Jump, shake your booty. Jump jump, shake your booty. Jump, shake your booty. Jump jump shake your booty. (Actions are exactly what the words say!)

Circle: We had our sister Brownie troop join us, so we played a name game to introduce everyone to each other.

Activity: We made birdfeeders from oranges, Crisco, oats, and raisins. The Daisys taught the Brownies how to do it, earning their Red Robin award. They made a huge mess, but they seemed to have fun! The activity went a lot smoother than the first time we did it, and the Daisys didn't seem to mind re-doing the activity, since they were helping to show the Brownies how to do it.

Snack! Yum yum!

Game: The girls were pretty worked up by this point, and we tried to play the Game Cube we made last time. There were probably too many to do it with (18 girls, in pairs), but they still had fun. After each team got a turn, we played Tiger, Cowgirl, Princess.

Closing: After Fists of Five, we did our Friendship Squeeze. I put a twist on it this week, asking each girl to say something nice about the girl whose hand she was squeezing. It went really well!

How did you earn your Red Robin Award? Leave a message in the comments below!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Meeting 17: April

It had been month since our last meeting, due to my coleader and I both being out of town, so I expected the girls to be a bit antsy. I didn't expect them to be quite so cranky, though! It's like the common cold--one girl starts it, and it spreads through the rest of the troop like wildfire. Leaders, what do you do when your troop has a case of the cranks? Please leave your tips in the comments section!

Regardless, here's what we did in the meeting:

Premeeting: We did two pages from the "3 Cheers for Animals" Journey. One had a picture of a zebra head and the girls were supposed to draw the rest--any way they like! A couple girls drew regular zebras, and one girl got really creative and made hers part spotted hippo and part striped lion! The other page had fill-in-the-blanks about them: who took care of them when they were little and something they couldn't do when they were small but they can now, plus a place for them to draw a picture of themselves.

We also added an alligator to our big animal mural. Yay!

Opening: We did our pledge, promise, and law as usual.

Song: I offered our Song Chooser to pick any song she liked, but she was a bit shy. So, I gave her two choices: The Jo Song or O, Chester. She picked The Jo Song. A few girls opted to sit this one out--I'm not sure if they were just feeling contrary or what, as it's been a while since we sang that song, but it is one we've sung quite often in the past.

Circle: For our Circle, I had the girls think back to their last meeting, where we made bird feeders from oranges. Next meeting, we are going to teach our sister Brownie troop how to make these to earn our Red Robin award, so the girls came up with directions. I was really surprised how well they remembered the order we made them in! They seemed really excited about teaching the Brownies how to make them, though not everyone seemed excited to re-do the same activity.

Snacktime! We had a really good snack--raisins, Cheese Its, and juice. Yum!

Activity: This is where the trouble started. :( The idea was to make postcards to send--I had postcard-sized paper with stamps all ready for the girls. They were supposed to make animal-related pictures on the front (it's one of the activities from the Journey book). One of the parents brought in magazines we could use to cut out. One girl wanted to do the word searches in the magazines, which naturally made others who wanted to use them upset. Ah well.

We also called girls over two by two to create a "game cube". They had to come up with an activity, the number of times to do it, and whether it was forwards or backwards. One twosome (including the nonsharer) had a hard time agreeing on what to do, and I'm afraid they weren't able to resolve it to both their happiness. The purpose of the activity was to teach collaboration and compromise, so I'm disappointed it didn't work here. Any suggestions on what I could have done differently?

Game: We were supposed to play the game cube, but we ran out of time. It was supposed to work a bit like Mother-May I, though: A girl rolls the cube and does what it says. The first one to cross the finish line wins!

Closing: We did fists of five. Since the It Girl didn't get a chance to be it, I let her choose a song to sing (She chose "Swimming, Swimming"). The Friendship Squeeze, and that was it!

Monday, April 23, 2012

It's been so long!

Sorry, fellow leaders! I haven't posted in forever. Things have been so busy--I'm sure you can relate. We've been reading along in our Journeys book. The girls love the "3 Cheers for Animals" stories that we read in circle time. We earned our Birdbath Award when a friend of mine who worked at an animal shelter came in to talk about what she did. The girls loved sharing stories about their own animal experiences! 

I hope to be back blogging on schedule in the coming weeks. Thanks for sticking with me!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

January Event: Bakery

For our January event, we thought it would be fun to give the girls a behind-the-scenes look at a bakery to correspond with their cookie sales. We went to Hi-Rise Bread Company, and they were fantastic!

The staff showed us how they make cookies, adding the ingredients to a giant mixer. Then, they pulled out the mixed-up dough already shaped into cookies and put them in the oven. We got to sample the fresh-baked chocolate chunk cookies! Yum!

Did you go on a field trip this month? Where did you go?

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Meeting 10: January

Sometimes, a meeting just doesn't go as planned. Maybe you get a late start. Maybe you had too many activities planned. Maybe the girls are all feeling fidgety and don't want to sit still. Or maybe (as in my case this meeting), it's all three. So what do you do? It's hard to do, but try to go with the flow. Cut out an activity, and plan to make it up next time. Throw in an energizer get the wiggles out and refocus. Most of all, remember that the girls are here to have fun!

Pre-meeting: We colored in our final totals for the cookie goal chart. My troop sold a whopping 1,000+ boxes--amazing! The girls were very proud of themselves. Then, I had the girls draw a picture of themselves taking care of themselves for the 3 Cheers for Animals Journey. They came up with some creative ideas (with a bit of prompting)--everything from taking a shower to brushing their teeth to drinking water. Finally, we had them look at pages 6 and 7 in their Journey books to find the secret animals.

Opening: We said our Promise, Law, and Pledge

Circle: We had two new girls join this meeting, so we introduced ourselves through the Lucy Lemon game. We went around the circle and shared the pictures we drew earlier, and then each girl showed us one of the animals she found in the Journey book. (We had planned on reading pages 7-13 in the Journey book and adding a lion to our animal mural, but the sharing took much longer than planned and the girls were ready to move on!)

Song: This week's options were "Flea Fly" or "Boy and a Girl and a Little Canoe". They picked the second one. All the lyrics I found online ended with the girl swimmin' all around, but the way I learned it was the girl ended up paddlin', while the boy ended up swimmin'. The girls loved the twist!


Activity: For our activity, the girls made an obstacle course. We brought a few items from home, and the girls paired up. Each pair got to pick one item, and then had to use that item to make an obstacle station. They then had to show the other girls how to do the station. After they learned all the stations, the girls got to go through the course!

Game: The game we had scheduled to play was Animal Charades, but we didn't have enough time!

Closing: We did fists of five again, plus the Friendship Squeeze. The new girls also received their Daisy pins.

What do you do when a meeting goes off the rails? Leave a message below!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Meeting 9: January

Pre-Meeting: Color in cookie sales goal chart. Backup: Shape Hunt.

Opening: Pledge, Promise, Law

Song: Give 2 Options (Flea Fly or Boom Chicka Boom)

Circle: Introduce flowers, Read page 5 in 3 Cheers for Animals. Talk with the girls, asking: What’s one thing you like about animals? What animals have you seen where you live? Have you ever cared for animals (pets, birdfeeders, etc.)? What did you like about caring for a pet? What’s the most unusual animal you’ve ever seen? Where did you see it? What did it look like? Who takes care of it and how?


Activity: Make troop birdbath, per Journeys book

Closing: Fists of Five/Friendship Squeeze. What are some ways people care for animals? Are any of these the same to caring for yourself?

Note: I was on vacation this meeting, but here's what was on the agenda!