Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Our Second and Third Meetings!

We had our second and third meetings, and they were much smoother than the first one! Here's our planned meeting agendas:

Meeting 2: (Earning our Daisy Safety Pin)
pre-meeting: Journal: Rainbow of me 
opening: Review pledge/promise/law
circle: Vote on Journey, talk about who to go to to ask for help (police officer, teacher, firebox)
activity: Safety award: 1) fill out safety cards; 2) stop drop & roll; 3) what to do if someone is choking (choking symbol, etc) plus choking symptoms and prevention ( + choking prevention chart (causes, symptoms and prevention)
game: Handshake game (including the Girl Scout Handshake) and Tiger Cowgirl Princess
closing: Friendship squeeze; what are you most excited about for girl scout?

  • Rainbow of me printout
  • Journey book examples
  • Emergency card for activity
  • Safety Award Pins!

Meeting 3:

pre-meeting: Journal: Heart Maps
opening: promise, law, pledge
circle: Journey intro!
activity: Monster bookmarks to hold their places in their Journey books
closing: squeeze; favorite flower from Journey

  • heart maps printout + example
  • Journey books for all girls
  • envelopes for Monster bookmarks (squares)
  • construction paper
  • white paper for teeth/eyes
  • white cardstock for back of bookmarks
  • hula hoop
  • masking tape

    Our girls voted to do the Three Cheers for Animals journey. I've done this one in the past, so it should hopefully be a little bit easier to plan this year! I'll let you know what we do in our meetings to earn our Journey awards! What Journey are you doing this year?