Monday, April 1, 2013

March Meeting

I know I've fallen way behind on keeping you updated with our meetings! I hope your year has been a little less crazy than mine. I can't find my meeting schedule/agenda for the past couple, but here's our most recent one!

Pre-Meeting: Journal what do you want to be when you grow up?

Song: "If I Were Not a Girl Scout" or "Hot Time in Old Town"

Circle: We had a guest speaker, a woman rocket scientist who was a friend of one of our parents. She came and talked about outer space and what she did to build rockets. The girls had some super interesting and thoughtful questions to ask her! Most of them also answered their journal questions with some type of scientist, so yay for STEM focus!


Activity: To go along with the space theme, we made Galaxy Play-Dough. Great way to teach the girls about lab rules (No smelling!). The girls added the ingredients to the bowl and pot, my co-leader operated the stove. Once the play-dough was formed, we put the girls at the table and gave them glitter to knead into the dough.

Game: We played a couple quick games of "Hot Lava", where the girls lined up and we outlined their feet on the floor with duct tape. Outside the tape the floor was hot lava, and the girls had to switch the order of their line without stepping outside of it. They did such a great job we had them line up from oldest to youngest without talking. Even the parents were skeptical of their ability to figure it out, but they got it done!


What has your troop been up to? Leave me a message below!