Saturday, August 20, 2011

Girl Scout Kaper Chart

It's a great idea to have a kaper chart to give the girls responsibilities at meetings. Last year, my troop use "Be" and "Been" bags: Each girl  decorated a foam hand that was put into the "Be" bag. Whenever we needed someone to be a helper, we pulled a name from the "Be" bag and put it into the "Been" bag. Once all the names were in the "Been" bag, we started all over.

This year, I wanted to use a kaper chart to take less meeting time away from pulling names. My basic materials are in the top picture: a magnetic dry-erase board with a corkboard border ($7 at Target), a $1 roll of wrapping paper, double-stick tape, and push pins.

I started by cutting the wrapping paper to the shape of the dry erase board, then used the double-stick tape to stick it on. I cut some plain scrapbooking paper I had up into rectangles, then taped printed paper on top of that. Each rectangle has one job: Flagholder, Promise Leader, Song, Snack, Clean-Up, It-Girl (to start off games and such), Buddy (bathroom buddy), and Closing (to start the friendship squeeze).  Since Daisy Scouts vary in their reading skills, I wanted to have visual cues for each job. I have a friend with a Cricut who let me use it to cut out the graphics.

Then, I used the Cricut to cut 2 different sizes of circles (printed paper and plain paper). I taped the smaller, plain paper on top of the larger circle. These will hold the girls' names, and I will use the push pins to move them around the corkboard border. 

I'd love to see what you're doing for kaper charts! Leave a message in the comments section below to share your own.