Monday, June 18, 2012

Meeting 20: June

This was our final regular meeting! We had a great year with Daisy Girl Scouts, and I'm a mix of sad to see the end of the year, excited for next year's plans, and ready to take advantage of a summer off! How did your year go?

Here's what we did at our final meeting:

Premeeting: As the girls came in, they did the final 3 pages of activities in their Journey books. I also had a Daisy Turtle Shell Activity ready for them.

Song: Our 2 choices were "One Bottle of Pop" or "Squirty Orange". We sang the former, which I love!

Circle: In our circle, we read the final story and the closing from our "3 Cheers for Animals" Journey. The girls really enjoyed storytime all year. We didn't have a story at every meeting, which I think made it more interesting and exciting for them when we did read from the books.


Activity: We did the Elephant Walk activity from the Journey book. The girls all held hands in the line and closed their eyes. The girl in the front of the line kept her eyes open and led everyone through a short obstacle course made of chairs. We did this about three times with different leaders (I even led one round!). We definitely bumped into a few chairs, but the leaders did a really good job!

Game: We played Fishy Fishy Cross My Ocean. When a girl got tagged, she had to join the sharks in the ocean. The girls LOVE this game, and I purposefully have not played it at any meetings this year because that's all they would ever want to play! I didn't want to spoil the chance to play other games, but since this was the final meeting I figured it would be a fun way to end the year.

Closing: As we did our Friendship Squeeze, the girls each had to fill in the blank to the sentence "Caring for animals makes me feel ___." By being able to relate how taking care of animals makes them feel, they earned their Tula Award! We'll hand those out at our final ceremony.

What's your favorite memory of your year of Girl Scouts? Leave a message below!